Sink through the legs
grow hip roots down
turn from the waist 
lift up your crown

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Balanced Conditioning Tai Chi Chuan
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certified senior instructor
Tung Ying Jie Taiji Legacy



An increase of health is available to anyone who makes natural effort to study traditional movement forms. The practice of Tai Chi creates favorable conditions in your body for self-healing, and posture training with Tai Chi will advance your body, mind, and spirit. The personal effort required of you must be matched with consistent support from teachers and interactive training time with colleagues.  Advancement will occur as you define balance and embrace martial principles in your movement.  You will cultivate deeper balance by moving at both slow and fast speeds. I believe a disciplined approach in studying aspects of this great art will result in fullness of life and greater understanding of your energetic attributes. All who sink deep into this practice are on a path to attain the supreme ultimate force inherent in Tai Chi: strong energetic skills, powerful centered movements, personal development, and longevity