About Instructor Andy Holmes

Instructor Holmes is a practitioner and trainer for individuals and Tai Chi fitness groups. He reflects a truth of Taiji practice and the results possible from consistent training. Through his own regular studies and teaching others, Andys has enjoyed over two decades of empowerment and positive energy. In addition to maintaining a personal taiji fitness level Holmes shares his observations and insights with students every week, and has taught over two thousand group and private class sessions.

He attended his first Tung/Dong family style Taijquan class in 1993.  Over the next five years he arttended local tai chi classes and completed a variety of intensive studies at training camps on location in California and New Hampshire, with Grandmaster Kai Ying Tung, and in London and Hawaii with Grandmaster Tung's nephew, Master Alex Dong. 

In 1998, Mr. Holmes created Balanced Conditioning, and was certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.  By 2000 Andy was teaching up to 8 fitness classes weekly in the Olympia, Washington area and still managed to expand his over-seas training events in the Dong/Tung family lineage during resident camp sessions, workshops, and specialized short courses.

Over the last decade Holmes has instructed classes and operated as Tai Chi consultant for a wide range of health facilities; hospitals and rehabilitation centers, martial arts schools, state agencies, and private fitness groups.  His time as a teacher has been matched with practice and continual education. 

Andy never stops learning, and has traveled across the globe to further his skills including on-site training in China, Canada, England, Greece, Thailand, Brazil, and 7 states in the USA. His goal is to empower others through Tai Chi and grow awareness through positive action as a wellness professional.

This table shows totals of Andy's education in terms of actual training hours under the instruction of various teachers and formal classes over a documented twenty-year period


Every class, seminar, camp, was documented by date and teacher so Andy could track his progress. As one can see from the table, the lowest hours per event occurred during the beginner period. It shows basic class time was the predominant taiji training with a few longer seminars. Over the following periods, total hours increased and more intensive training camps were attended. After twenty years, Andy has maximized his training by focusing on the longer, more sustained events where time periods allow for deeper studies.  The table illustrates an approach to learning the art of taijiquan based on continual education and exposure to greater skills and levels of development.  Regular solo experimentation and group practice time during his own classes are not reflected in the summary, which only reports time learning from other teachers.   

includes time of all classes, private lessons, workshops, seminars, and remote training camps. 

Other Influences:

2003  Jane Golden -  5 years of Tung style workshops; Lacey/Whidbey/Occidental

2007  Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, Body Of Knowledge - Karen Kirsch

2008 Family of Form energies/connection building - Jan Parker 
2009  instructor recognition/push hands competition - Michael Gilman

2010  Taiji Wisdom stance training - Sana Shanti

2011  25 Taijiquan energies certification and 108 Long Form -
Sam Masich

2012  Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Meridians online course completion. Tom Myers

2013  Anatomy of Movement course. Bodywise Somatics. Shanon Leonard, RN

Nez Perce, Idaho

Andy's principled approach to teaching Tai Chi includes natural strengthening of personal character along with development of physical self. His style blends traditional long-term focus with the intrinsic flexibility of modern age. This unique focus on learning can help build respect for others and enhance social conditions.  Andy believes all TCC practitioners have an opportunity to better the world through personal discipline and good health that is developed from practice and the acceptance of change.  Regular sessions are customized to bridge orthodox training methods with self-directed routines specific to individual conditions. Andy’s skill in recognizing movement patterns, and experience working with a wide range of individuals, has helped him develop a teaching style that clients can relate to and learn from quickly.

His specialty is working individually with interactive aspects of tai chi training. The basis of martial skill comes from experience interacting with training partners in an educational environment which supports human tension and emotion. Practitioners will gain understanding of form postures and the general energies possible through contact with another. Our use of force in the body can be trained to reflect true ideals and supportive beliefs so that we are congruent on all levels of thought and action.  Sharing results like this from his own growth path has allowed Andy to effectively teach people Tai Chi through his group classes and private lessons. Andy is geared for constant growth, honoring a continuem of development, accepting reality of patterns, and taking action when needed.  These traits are expressed freely through his interactions with others.

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