In 2008, after 15 years of training and class instruction, Master Alex acknowledged Andy with this certificate, naming him a Qualified Instructor in his International Taijiquan Association.Conditions of the certification include commitment to annual training events and forms proficiency.


Master Alex Dong

Master Alex Dong is a Fourth Generation Taiji Master who comes from a lineage of a renowned Taijiquan family style. The Dong/Tung style of Taijiquan began back in the early 1920's with Tung Ying Chieh who was a student of Yang Cheng Fu for 17 years. After Cheng Fu passed away, Ying Chieh continued to develop and expand into his own unique version of the Yang style. By the1940's Tung/Dong style was seeding through Europe, southeast Asia, and Australia. When Master Tung passed away in 1966, he left a legacy of high renown. This was upheld by his son Hu Ling in Hawaii, daughter Jasmine Mood Lay in Hong Kong, and grandsons Kai Ying and Zeng Chen in Los Angeles and Hawaii respectively.

Master Alex started his formal training with his father, Master Dong Zeng Chen, in China.  In 1983, at the age of twelve, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.  He continued his education in the family art through his father and grand-father, Grand Master Tung Hu Ling, who passed away in 1992. In the 1990's, he trained and taught more as he travelled with Grand Master Zeng Chen and translated much of his instruction to students. Master Alex moved from Hawaii to the mainland USA and now resides in New York city.  He teaches worldwide, conducting regular classes in New York City and annual training camps at school locations on several continents. 

Master Alex comes to the Pacific Northwest every August to teach us through a weekend workshop. You dont want to miss this opportunity to learn locally and benefit from his global, full-time experience in Tai Chi.  Find more information about these workshops from his website here:

Alex dong International Taijiquan Association

I've been to dozens of Master Alex's camps and have witnessed many other students from around the world training hard together and improving. The level of quality is high, and the challenge is intense because it is often hard to do what seems simple and clear. My education has been valuable and I'm grateful for the time in class.I'll keep returning because some of my lessons still need learning! It takes discipline to learn Taijiquan,and Alex is proof. He teaches openly and checks my form to let me know how I'm following principles.  

Olympia workshops in 2013 (above) and 2003