Slow movements reflecting the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form will be taught based on the Dong (Tung) Family lineage. A blend of continuous slow stepping, gradual weight shifts, and gentle opening/closing of the body will help you create circular Tai Chi shapes.  Practitioners will improve joint health through articulation, and total range of movement will increase while strengthening connective tissues and reducing chronic pain levels.  Content is limited to preparatory development and sequences found in the first section of the slow martial form. These 20 movements are suitable for all fitness levels and recommended as basic training to participate at the 102 level. 


Slow and soft form movement increases physical balance, cardiovascular health, and focus. The low-impact exercise of Tai Chi not only strengthens core musculature, it paves the way for a deeper balance of mind, body and spirit. Participation at this intermediate level will progress students into and through the second and final sections of the Long Form.  These extended movement sessions will build physical stamina and endurance while conditioning your mind with meditative benefits.   Class content is suitable for students who have basic Tai Chi knowledge and are on a path of correcting their movement patterns. 


This class is available for enthusiasts who have studied at the 102 level in any style of internal martial art or related mind/body movement activity. Class content focuses beyond the slow form and into specialized movements including variable speed routines and closed-hand training. Sessions may include structured interactive exchanges between individuals to increase energy development and maximize health benefits for all participants.  Aspects of connection will be explored by classmates using taijiquan principles of stance. Partner contact training at this level helps deepen ones personal awareness and expand healing potential.  Forms also studied are  
Hao, Family Fast, Fa-jing, Saber, and other Dong/Tung style as appropriate for attendees of each class.

TAI CHI KUNG  (Qiqong)

Tai Chi Kung is subtle energy work that is accomplished with breath. Circular shapes are formed while standing and these simple movements open and close the body and stimulate energy circulation. Breathing exercises restore balance on many levels and create relaxation through stance. Various short routines and select Tai Chi postures are utilized to create meditative conditions which help reduce levels of stress hormones. Participants can advance in stamina and develop internal vigor and calmness providing for greater health span and self-healing potential.

This class involves deep slow breathing and static stances to build internal energy. Students will create shapes and hold postures for extended periods. Class content will include various short routines focusing exclusively on duration and sustainability of shape. Relaxation through posture will be explored, and participants may experience deep meditative states by sinking through the lower body and isometric positioning of the legs. Generate power through breath as you extend your shape into postures that build strength and longevity.

AWAREWRISTS:  Interactive Tai Chi Chuan Skills

Awareness is built through continual sensory input and responsiveness we learn from external pressure by another. Awarewrists 101 is partner work that generates the basic experience practitioners need to develop martial skill. 102 drills and connection building exercises improve individual stances and increase chi cultivation in practitioners. 103 focuses on interactive aspects of taijiquan, exploring energies not possible without contact from another.
A goal is to take the principles from solo bare-handed forms and put them to work in spontaneous, non-scripted physical exchanges with other taiji players. From this training, a skill set of advanced sensitivities will increase confidence and generate other positive feelings.  Greater mind-body communication saturates a person's being, then taiji study directly affects other life areas, and self defense aligns with health defense, becoming a true reflection of tai chi principles.  
Awarewrists training will move one towards Deep Balance, a more complete human expression of personalized tai chi.