Here are the latest updates on own 'MindBender'.  Taught to a handful of advanced students over the last 10 years, this form has evolved yet retained it's original composition of movements. A video of the MindBender form can be found on my Youtube channel. Once on Youtube, search for 'Slowset1' and then find The Mindbender which takes less than 3 minutes to do on each side.

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Tai-Chi Magazine published an exclusive interview with Joyce Joly that I conducted and transcribed. The 25 minute talk was recorded at Master Alex's annual workshop in New York state during a break between sessions.  Ms. Joly is a long-time practitioner with almost 3 decades of taiji experience.  Approaching 90 years in age, she continues training with Master Alex and endures 2 hour classes along with other students, some of them half her age. I met Joyce when I went to London in 1998 and was impressed at that time with her ability to move through the various foms. It was a treat for me to have a conversation with her, and I'm glad Tai-Chi magazine published it


I will post more of my writings related to Tai Chi on this page as I dig back through my previous work. All the documents below can be viewed and downloads for free! The first paper is a 2012 summary of my perspective on this great art and some related research and compelling aspects of training.  It was compiled from my own develpment and also utilizes work of others to help express my views.  DEEP BALANCE is my term to describe a conceptual level of Tai Chi waiting for us beyond basic understanding, and how to apply the fundamentals we learn from our form pratice to our daily life. The goal of Chinese Kung fu was originally to stop the violence and strengthen society.  I believe a continual study helps us recognize and manage energy, promoting a deeper level of health. 

Tiger Mountain Tai Chi Kung is one of the classic static-stance taiji standing routines that can be really challenging.

I worked with Master Alex to demonstrate applications and wrote and the article for Inside Kung Fu on the Dong Family fast set.

Carole Marshall interviewed me for her book MAXIMUM FITNESS, MINIMUM RISK in 2004.

The FTE article is one of several that have featured my classes around the Puget Sound region of Washington state.